Mike Briers – Obituary

It is with enormous sadness that we announce the loss of Mike Briers who died on Tuesday 11th August after a short illness.  He was a truly valuable part of our Festival for many years, his main task being to look after the medals and trophies. Amongst other things this involved ringing winners and asking them to return their trophy, and sometimes even driving round the neighbourhood and beyond before appearing on the winner’s doorstep to collect their trophy.  Always reliable he supported all aspects of our Festival in addition to the other community activities that he was involved with.  He will be greatly missed.

He was always kind, cheerful, full of enthusiasm and ready to help anybody who needed it both in the Festival and in the community.  When asked about working with the Festival he said that he did it for the children because he believed it was important that they had an opportunity to perform and that they would probably remember it all their lives.

He leaves behind a much loved wife, children and grandchildren as well as brothers and sisters and we extend our deepest sympathy to them.

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