Our Festival was founded 1901 and each year offers a platform for hundreds of amateur musicians, actors and dancers in and around the Lancashire area.

The Chinese philosopher said long ago that:

‘music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without’


Our Festival was founded 1901 and each year offers a platform for hundreds of amateur musicians, actors and dancers in and around the Lancashire area to perform in front of an audience and benefit from expert critical advice. One of the goals of regular practice on an instrument is so that you can perform in front of others. The more frequently you can get up and play for an audience the more confident and accomplished you will become. We are proud to create an opportunity for performers of all ages to play and sing in an atmosphere of appreciation and enjoyment.

For further information regarding our music section contact Pippa at [email protected]

  1. General: All the Festival’s General Rules apply to Music classes. Additional rules for Music are detailed below.
  2. Accompanist: A competent official accompanist will be provided. No other will be allowed.
  3. Pieces: No competitor may perform a piece with which they have previously been awarded first prize in this Festival. Own choices must be detailed on the entry form, and where there is an accompaniment, a copy must be sent with the entry form. Each piece must be stuck (not stapled) together in a way suitable for the accompanist. On the day of the competition the competitor must bring an original copy of each own choice piece for the adjudicator. Failure to do this will lead to cancellation of the entry. Pieces of music must be collected at the end of the class; any not collected will only be returned by post after the cost of postage is received.
  4. Musical Theatre: All music from shows is subject to copyright law. Songs from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item, with no movement or costume, without need for copyright permission. Where movement or costume is included in a performance copyright permission is required and the Festival committee accept these entries on the basis that copyright permission has been granted.
  5. Copyright: The Festival cannot be held responsible for any breaches of the copyright law and it should be noted that copyright regulations protect music works for 70 years after the death of the composer. The Music Publishers Association, however, has issued a Code of Practice on copyright works with the following concession: When an Own Choice Piece is selected from a publication containing several different works and which is not published separately, one copy may be made for the use of an adjudicator at a competition or festival provided that the competitor or participant has already purchased his/her own copy. The photocopy will be retained and destroyed by the administrator of the competition or festival immediately after the event. The permission specifically does not apply to set works. Other items must not be photocopied without the permission of the copyright holder in each case.
    When using music downloaded from the Internet, the performer should also print off and submit the permission statement that accompanies the music submitted with the entry form.
  6. To meet Child Protection regulations, parents and guardians are required to ensure their child(ren) aged 16 and under, while travelling to, at or taking part in the Festival, is under their care or under the care of a responsible adult. In addition, on the day, they must confirm their child is fit and well to perform.
  7. Fees: Entrance fees are £5.50 for each children’s class, £6.50 for each open or adult class, £6 for each duet class and £3 per person in ensembles of 3 – 6 entrants. There is also an administration charge of £2.00 per entrant. On the day spectator fees are £5 for adults and £3 for children (8 years and above).
  8. All Music and Singing entry forms, with the proper fee, must be received by the Music Co-ordinator, Pippa Kirk, 38 Gregory Place, Lytham, FY8 4SB. Fees are non refundable. The closing date for Music and Singing entries for the 2021 festival is to be announced.
Sylvia Howard – Music Co-ordinator
Pippa Kirk – Music Co-ordinator

Our piano classes give performance opportunities for a wide range of abilities with classes from age 9 and under to Adult.

This year we are offering Own Choice classes for all ages and we hope that this will encourage everybody to enter whatever piece they are currently playing, maybe a favourite piece that suits their technical level and taste or maybe the exam piece that they enjoy the most. Some classes, especially in the older age range, are devoted to a particular period of music such as Baroque or Romantic, Modern or Jazz. There are also classes for pianists who are working towards or have just taken a Graded exam with no age stipulated.
Most of the children’s classes have a trophy for the 1st prize and silver and bronze medals for the 2nd and 3rd prizewinners. Where there is no trophy a gold medal is awarded to the winner.


The guitar classes continue to be popular and there is a wide choice in 2021 for both acoustic and electric guitarists, covering all ages and abilities and with opportunities for solo, duet and ensemble performances.

Orchestral Instrumental Classes – Children’s & Open

The orchestral instrument classes give performers the opportunity to play in both age and ability classes.

We are sure they will enjoy hearing and competing against soloists playing a variety of instruments.

Music Syllabus
Class NumberClassChoice
P1Age 9 and under Solo Own choice
P2Age 11 and under Solo Own choice
P3Age 12 and under SoloOwn choice
P4Age 13 to 15 SoloOwn choice
P5Age 16 to 18 Solo
Own choice
P6Age 18 and under Baroque/Classical Solo
Own choice
P7Age 18 and under Romantic/Modern Solo Own choice
P8Grades 1 and 2 Age 18 and under Own choice
P9Grades 3 and 4 Age 18 and under Own choice
P10Grades 5 and 6 Age 18 and under Own choice
P11Grades 7 and 8 Age 18 and under Own choice
P12Open Baroque or Classical SoloOwn choice
P13Open Romantic/Impressionist/Modern Solo Own choice
P14Duet – age 16 and underOwn choice
 FINAL – one pianist from the following classes, P05, P06, P07, will be chosen to compete for the Sylvia Howard Trophy for The Most Promising Junior Pianist.

Duets – Both entrants must be within the specified age group and both names must be on the Entry Form.

Acoustic Guitar
Class Number
G1Age 11 and under – Popular SoloOwn choice
G2Age 11 and under – Classical SoloOwn choice
G3Age 11 and under – Solo (any style)Own choice
G4Age 12 to 14 – Popular SoloOwn choice
G5Age 12 to 14 – Classical SoloOwn choice
G6Age 12 to 14 – Solo – (any style)Own choice
G7Age 18 and  under – Solo (any style)
Own choice
G8Open – Solo (any style)
Own choice
Electric Guitar
G09Open – SoloOwn Choice
Acoustic/Electric Guitar
G10Open – Duet/EnsembleOwn Choice
 FINAL – three guitarists aged between 12 and 18 years will be chosen to compete for the Festival Guitar Trophy 
Class Number
Instrumental (open to strings, woodwind and brass – any instrument excluding guitar and piano. Entrants may enter more than once using different instruments.)
I1Open Solo (any age)
Own choice
 Jazz Class (string, woodwind, brass, piano) 
Entrants for the Jazz classes may enter more than once using different instruments or instrument and voice
J01Open – Solo (any age)
Own choice