we aim to raise the national standard of amateur performance in theatre dance.

Through our Dance Festival we hope to advance the education of the public in the performance, appreciation and the practice of the Art of Dance. We strongly believe in the power of dance to change the world, integrate different cultures and promote solidarity. We very much hope that dance based events, like ours, will help promote talent and creativity as well as building a better future for young people.

The Lytham Performing Arts Festival Dance Festival aims to raise the national standard of amateur performance in theatre dance. We want to provide a forum for Dance Education and the professional Theatre. To increase popular interest and appreciation of Theatre Dance as an enjoyable, sometimes a moving experience and often an entertaining art form.

We intend to be a means to further public recognition of dance as an important factor in human social development and to be a springboard by which good dancers may become more widely known and by which some may start their careers as professional artistes.

Dance Entry Fees for 2021.
Per entrant£4.50 for Solo, £3 for Duet, £2.50 for Trio, £1.50 for Group Dances. 

Elaine Morrison – Dance Co-ordinator

The Dance Syllabus

The Lytham Performing Arts Festival (the Festival) is affiliated to the British and International Federation for Music, Dance and Speech (the Federation ) whose policy forms the basis for this Policy.

In this Policy, the following definitions will apply

  • Children: anyone under 18 years and to include vulnerable adults
  • Parents: to include guardians and carers of children and vulnerable adults

The Federation and our Festival are committed to ensuring safe environments for children and young people and believe that it is unacceptable for a child or young person to experience abuse of any kind. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults by a commitment to recommended best practice which protects them.

This Policy applies to our Board of Trustees, adjudicators, accompanists, volunteers and anyone working on behalf of the Festival.

We recognise that:

  • the welfare of the children /young people is paramount
  • all children, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse
  • working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers and other agencies are essential in promoting young people’s welfare.

The Purpose of the Policy

  • to provide protection for the children and young people who participate in our Festival
  • to provide staff and volunteers with guidance on procedures they should adopt in the event that they suspect a child or young person may be experiencing, or be at risk of harm.

We will seek to safeguard children and young people by:

  • valuing them, listening to and respecting them
  • adopting child protection guidelines through procedures and safe working practice for staff and volunteers
  • recruiting staff and volunteers safely ensuring all necessary checks are made
  • sharing information about child protection and safe working practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers
  • sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, and involving parents and children appropriately
  • providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training.

Parents’ responsibilities

  • Parents are required to ensure that their child(ren), while travelling to, at or taking part in the Festival is under the care of a responsible adult. Festival volunteers are not allowed to do this
  • in particular public areas such as toilets, corridors and refreshment areas will not be supervised by Festival personal.

In Case of Concern

  • each Festival volunteer wearing a badge may be approached in case of a problem and the Child Protection Officer or his Deputy will be contactable
  • all problems will be taken seriously and will be documented and dated
  • a private area will be made available where any concerns may be expressed.

Photographs, Videotapes and Press Photography

  • the use of audio or visual equipment is strictly forbidden. Persons in charge of such equipment may be refused entry to the Festival
  • photos may be taken by the official photographer and stored as Festival archives to be used at a future date for publicity purposes
  • where parents do not wish photos to be taken, then the responsible adult attending with children are responsible for ensuring that children are not included in press photos.
The Festival will review this Policy each year.
  1. General: All the Festival’s General Rules apply to Dance classes. Additional rules for Dance are set out below.
  2. Music: The Festival has a music system for CDs and tape cassettes for the use of competitors. No vocals are allowed on recording on Ballet and Song sections of Song & Dance. Competitors are responsible for playing their own music.
  3. Copyright: The Festival cannot be held responsible and does not accept any liability for any breaches of the copyright law and it should be noted that copyright regulations protect music works for 70 years after the death of the composer.
  4. Entries: Competitors may enter only once in any Solo Class. Competitors may enter more than once in Duets, Trios and Group classes, provided they are with different partners.
  5. Re-dances: No re-dances are allowed except for “Infants” other than at the Organising Team’s discretion.
  6. Pointe-work: No pointe-work is allowed for Infant, A, B & C age groups.
  7. Awards, cups and medals: Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions. Cups which must be returned before the next year’s Festival will be awarded to the highest scorer within each age group.
  8. School points: These will be awarded as follows: 1st place 4 pts; 2nd place 3 pts; 3rd place 2 pts; 4th place 1 pt. The school cup will be awarded for the highest total points score of all candidates entered over all Festival dance classes.
  9. To meet Child Protection regulations, parents and guardians are required to ensure their child(ren) aged 16 or under, while travelling to, at or taking part in the Festival, is under their care or under the care of a responsible adult. In addition, on the day, they must confirm their child is fit and well to perform.
  10. Fees: Entry fees – all per entrant – will be (a) £4.50 for Solo (b) £3 for Duet (c) £2.50 for Trio and (d) £1.50 for Group dances.
  11. All Dance entry forms, together with the proper fees, must be received by the Dance Co-ordinator, Elaine Morrison by – date to be announced.  Fees are not refundable.
  1. All entry forms, together with the proper fees, must be received by the Co-ordinator for that discipline. Fees are not refundable.
  2. The age stated in the syllabus for dance is that of the competitor on the first day of the Festival and (b) for other disciplines that of the competitor at the time of competing. Proof of age may be required by the Organising Team. For classes with more than one competitor, the age group is determined by the age of the oldest competitor.
  3. The Organising Team reserves the right to withdraw any class or classes and/or withhold prizes or certificates in a class in which it considers there are insufficient entries for competition, or combine the class with other classes. It also reserves the right to refuse an entry without giving a reason for refusal.
  4. The Organising Team will decide the order of the classes and ballot for the order of competing. The Organising Team reserves the right to alter the order if necessary. Applicants will be advised of the time and day they have been appointed to perform and must arrive on time.
  5. Competitors and their teachers are admitted to the Festival free of charge for the session that includes the class in which they are competing. All other persons must pay the advertised admission fee.
  6. The Organising Team reserves the right to appoint additional or alternative adjudicators in any class and to transfer classes from one day to another.
  7. A copy of the Adjudicator’s remarks is free. The Adjudicator’s decision is final.
  8. During the Festival, complaints and protests must be made in writing to the Festival Secretary. Thereafter the decision of the Organising Team on all questions or disputes arising out of, or not provided by, the Rules will be final.
  9. The competitions are intended for amateurs, not professionals. Professionals are those whose principal means of livelihood are derived from the particular branch of the Festival in which they wish to compete.
  10. Neither the Festival Trustees nor any of the Organising Team holds itself responsible for any loss or damage which may occur to competitors’ copies, remark sheets or any other property at the Festival. Any lost items should be claimed within one month.
  11. Neither the Festival Trustees nor any of the Organising Team holds itself responsible for any injury sustained by any competitor or member of the public whilst on Festival premises.
  12. The Organising Team may refuse entry to any person found trespassing on or damaging premises or property.
  13. Parents, guardians, teachers and carers will be held fully responsible for the behaviour of children in their care.
  14. No video or tape recording will be allowed, as it is an offence and in breach of copyright law. Mobile phones must be switched off in rooms where performances are taking place. No photography of any kind will be permitted.
  15. The Organising Team shall have the Power to deal with all matters connected with the conduct of the Festival not provided for in the Rules.
  16. Failure to comply with the Festival Rules will lead to the cancellation of the entry concerned.
  17. To meet Child Protection regulations, parents and guardians are required to ensure their child(ren) aged 16 or under, while travelling to, at or taking part in the Festival, is under their care or under the care of a responsible adult. In addition, on the day, they must confirm their child is fit and well to perform.

Age Group

Infant6 years and under
Class A7 and 8 years
Class B9 and 10 years
Class C11 and 12 years
Class D13 and 14 years
Class E15 to 18 years
Junior Novice7 to 9 years
Inter Novice10 to 12 years
Senior Novice13 to 18 years
Junior12 years and under
Senior13 to 18 years


ClassAge GroupTime
Classical Ballet, Character, Greek, National, Tap, ModernInfant1 minute 30 seconds
All other age groups2 minutes
Song and DanceInfant1 minute 30 seconds
All other age Groups2 minutes 30 seconds
Contemporary, Acro/Gymnastics, Street, Impromptu Classical and StageJunior1 minute 30 seconds
Senior2 minutes
VocalJunior3 minutes
Senior3 minutes
DUETS AND TRIOS: Classical and Non-ClassicalJunior3 minutes
Senior3 minutes
GROUPS (minimum no.5):- Classical, Non-ClassicalJunior5 minutes
Senior5 minutes
Please note the Festival’s General Rule No. 7 indicates that the adjudicator’s decision is final. Therefore if a competitor overruns the time limit the adjudicator will take this into account in their decision making process.